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The orientation and the theme of the paintings is created in such a way that, it can be set to one’s taste.
Do not hang the painting in direct sunlight.
Do not hang the painting on damp wall.
Do not place a high-wattage filament bulb just above the painting. It might effect the colour of the painting. Use an incandescent light source instead.
Do not keep the painting wrapped for a long period of time. This may cause fungus to appear on the painting.
Leave a space of atleast 3 feet from the edges of the painting to enjoy the art.
Do not hang the painting on just one nail. Use a short string behind the frame so that string is not visible.
Place the painting in such a way that the reflection of other objects does not fall on it.
Use a dry flannel cloth to wipe the glass at least once a week.
Hang the painting on a grey coloured wall if possible to get the best view.
Hang the painting at eye-level.

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